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Neuro + Physio Applications

Tango Therapy Day Seminar
for physiotherapeutic and neurological applications


Learn the 12 Tango tools for implementation in existing therapies or as an independent Tango therapy course.

Tango therapy techniques used in physiotherapeutic, occupational therapy and neurological applications are the same. Therefore, a seminar is offered for this target group. Even certified Neurotango® trainers can use these seminars regularly to deepen their

Especially for the neurological fields of application (Parkinson's disease, MS, incipient dementia, rehabilitation stroke patients) additional pre-exercise of the neuro-motor training, concentration exercises and kinesiological preliminary exercises are offered to improve the learning success (therapy or rehabilitation). The brain is optimally prepared with the preliminary exercises and put into an awake, receptive state.

Next date:
2 hours per day Tango Tools training session (12 lessons in total): 23. - 28.10.2018
Course Location: Mallorca, Can Pastilla: Hotel Roc Leo (hotel and flight are self-bookable)
Content: 12 Tango Tools (Daily 2 tools as intensive training).

Course fee: 500,00 Euro/person.

More information or registration:
Mobile: +49 (0) 173 740 2000 (Simone Schlafhorst)

Seminar on demand:
This seminar can be booked also by groups in hospitals or organisations (minimum participants 6). Please inform about prices and conditions.
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Funkengasse 6, 58313 Herdecke
CEO: Simone Schlafhorst
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Simone Schlafhorst
+49 (0) 173 740 2000
Simone Schlafhorst, Deutsche Bank Düsseldorf
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