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NT Concept

For 20 years, Tango Therapy has existed and been used in medical and psychological application. Through a long organic tradition, it has developed a helpful healing remedy of for a variety of problems and diseases.

Below is a summary by Désirée Lötzke (University Witten/Herdecke) of all studies evaluated during the past years which confirm the efficiency of Tango Therapy. They also compare Tango Therapy with other kinds of therapies and dance types that are applied to Parkinson patients.

The Neurotango® concept consists of four main divisions:

psychological applications
neurological applications
physiological areas
social and coaching fields
In order to apply a therapy from a diverse range of fields of expertise, the Tango Tools are the fundamentals to approaching a host of pertinent situations. The Tools are analogous to tools like the screwdriver, which serves basic needs in innumerable mechanical tasks and can be applied in both a constructive and destructive manner. The twelve Tango Tools, utilized in tandem, have a variety of compositions and emphases that encompass different purposes (e.g. age, physical or mental or neurologic limitations).

The techniques of the Argentinean tango (Tango Tools) are formed from an analytic and deliberate process by applying the results of latest geriatric, neurologic and didactic studies to successfully apply a highly individualized and effective blueprint for every target group e.g. Parkinson patients. Each Tango Tool can be re-combined and re-purposed to meet the needs of the individual target group (neurologic, mental, social, personal development).

This is the method the Neurotango® concept is based on and which makes it different to other tango therapy concepts.
In addition to the primary Tango Tools, there are additional specialized exercises (additional psychological tango tools) with focus on therapeutic psychological aims. Related methods include topics such as: leading and following, and the building of social skills. Specific examples of such methods in program form can be couples’ therapy, burnout, integration and inclusion, psych oncological treatments, grief therapy, and drug abuse therapy etc. These tools can also be used in all professional and personal coaching areas like business coaching, team building, and personal development.

It is important not to underestimate that Neurotango® is a holistic therapy concept that addresses various physical problems as well as psychosomatic causes. For that reason, a Neurotango® certificated trainer or therapist would choose a combination of the tools which is optimized for specific physical, psychological or social improvements they wants to reach.

An additional distinctive feature of Neurotango® is efficiency in addressing degenerative neurological diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, MS, and early onset Dementia. Mind and body preparatory exercises with respect learning and kinesiology research are utilized to quickly bring about changes. Those affected by Parkinson's disease see physical and mental improvements in only weeks of training.

Compared to the Tai Chi group (comparative study Parkinson patients of the University of Witten / Herdecke), the Tango Therapy Group had an immediate relief and improvement in the assessment after the lesson (2 - 3 points on a 1 - 10 scale).
Neurotango® (a registrated word mark in Germany)
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