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Management Training

Tango therapy has also found its place in coaching within a holistic framework and in a variety of contexts.

In the professional environment, leadership training ( Leadership or the Power of Intention” given by Simone Schlafhorst in 2016 and 2017 at the Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf) is used.

Tango Therapy has special unique qualities to analyse the  body language and giving conclusions about psychologic pattern (in cooperation with Psychologists). Questionnaires with scales from 1 to 10 can make the behaviour and the characteristic of work strategies compareable.
Possible categories can be personal abilities and strengths, solution-oriented thinking and acting and team or leading abilities.

Tango therapy's body language training can be used to enhance ability to express the capacity and strength of the participant and thereby increase communication and problem solving in the teams.

This is possible through the standardized movements of the participants in tango such as:
leading, following, and the dynamics of movements.

The movement patterns also have thematic forms such as co-operative, authoritarian, empathic, team-oriented, solution-oriented, etc. The primary roles are those of leadership and attentive following. The changing of roles and teams provide a flexible framework for individuals to develop and focus on their respective interests. (see also in the book, Neurotango® - Principles of Tango Therapy, the chapter on coaching)

On a personal level, tango offers the opportunity for intimate partners and family members to grow closer. In Argentina for example, a special tango project brings generations closer together having grandparents and grandchildren learn and dance together.

Special seminars and coaches in their vicinity can be requested via mail.

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