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About us

The Neurotango®  Practitioner and Master come from very different professional fields in which they use the Tango therapy, as part of existing therapy (for example, in addition to talk therapy or other physiotherapeutic measures) or as an independent therapy concept.

In 2018 we have already certified about 50 Neurotango© (link) trainers from 6 different countries. In June 2018 we had the 1st international certification of Neurotango® Practitioner.

The Therapy concept and book “Neurotango® - Principles of Tango Therapy” was developed by Simone Schlafhorst.

Since 5th of April 2016,  Neurotango® is a registrated word mark in Germany.
As an international business manager for German brand leader in Latin America in the mid-90’s, she became acquainted with Argentinean Tango in Buenos Aires. She was certificated there as Master for “Maestros de Tango” in 2013. The Study included a specialization in Tango Therapy. The specialization included the visit of different Tango Therapy teachers and groups with different therapeutic approaches. The Tango Tools today are the result of distilling these diverse approaches down to their most effect and essential forms. These are the basis of the Neurotango concept.

Neurotango’s® concept and process is what it is today due to the latest research in in fields such as:
Geriatrics, Learning research, Neurology, Kinesiology, NLP, Systemic connections etc..

She started the first training course for Tango Therapy trainers in 2015 after several years of teaching tango using Neurotango® concepts to groups with a variety of health problems and pre-existing conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

Supported and motivated by the incredible improvements of the participants, she created a certification of Tango Trainer and Tango Therapists. The Neurotango© Trainer was born and followed by the international certificate of “Neurotango® Practitioner”.
 At that time the Academy of the University Bochum offered her a collaboration to support and make official the training program with a university certificate. Due to restrictive stipulations within the contract limiting international growth, she decided for other options.

The book will be available at the end of 2018.
Neurotango® (a registrated word mark in Germany)
Funkengasse 6, 58313 Herdecke
CEO: Simone Schlafhorst
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Simone Schlafhorst
+49 (0) 173 740 2000
Simone Schlafhorst, Deutsche Bank Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE03 3007 0024 0932 9848 00
BIC:  DEUTDEDBDUE, Reference: "free hug"
Tango Therapy Neurotango ®
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