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NEUROTANGO® NTT - About Us and the Development
Resume Simone Schlafhorst-Biermann,
Developer of the Neuro Technical Tools and Founder of Neurotango®

Economist with many years of experience in international business at multinational companies, focusing on Latin America and Southern Europe.

Private lecturer at universities and university hospitals such as Charité Berlin, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, and Ruhr University Bochum. Conducted worldwide seminars (including Stockholm, Zurich, Buenos Aires) for therapists and physicians with the training goal of Neurotango®/NTT Practitioner to integrate the tools into various therapy areas.

From 2013, founder of the Neurotango concept with the Neuro Technical Tools. In 2016, Neurotango® was registered as intellectual property of Simone Schlafhorst across Europe by EUIPO. The registration was examined by EUIPO for 2 years and compared worldwide with other concepts.
Scientific Work of Simone Schlafhorst-Biermann

Book publications:
2018: Neurotango – Prinzipien der Tango Therapie (ISBN: 978-3-0005890-9-6)
2020: Neurotango - The principles of tango therapy (ISBN: 978-3-9822256-3-0) 2022:
2021: “Bienvenus Neurotango® Praticiens” (Workbook Soft Cover) ISBN: 978-3-9822256-2-3
2023: Die perfekte Therapie (ISBN: 978-3-910719-20-0)
2023: The perfect Therapy – all about tango therapy
2024: Movidamente – el taller de tango terapia (ISBN 978-987-87-4725-5)
Posters: "Neuromotor Tools with Immediate Effect," published at the Parkinson's Congress 03/2023

Abstracts and scientific publications:
"Neuromotor Tools with Immediate Effect": Parkinson's Congress 03/2023
"Neurotango – the missing element": Physiotherapist Day Berlin 2022
"Neurotango is a holistic (neuro-, physio-, psycho, and socially oriented) concept with supportive tools for neuromotor functions” for: Brain, Body, Cognition (Paris 2020)

Application in psychotherapy:
In 2022, the 1st Neurotango® seminar in the field of movement therapy was accredited by the Psychotherapists' Chamber of North Rhine-Westphalia for licensed psychotherapists.
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