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Neurotango® is a holistic therapy method developed by Simone Schlafhorst (reg. as intellectual property in Europe) according to the latest scientific studies and findings in brain research, gerontology, learning psychology and neuro-motor research.

The #NeurotangoTools and exercise based concept applied by psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, neurologists, medical doctors and coaches to improve physical, psychological, cognitive and social abilities, complemented with basic elements by the Argentine Tango, social and emotional learning, body awareness, mindful movement and fun.

Fully booked!!! No more booking possible.
Neurotango® Practitioner Certificate as
ONLINE SEMINAR (zoom seminar and on-site in Herdecke, Germany)
Neurotango Practitioner 2022 with certificate will take place:
Part I: Sat./Sun. 30/31 of July 2022
Part II: Sat./Sun. 27/28 of August 2022
Part III: Sat./Sun. 1st/2nd of October 2022

4 pm - 10 pm with breaks, middle European time - Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom Stockholm.  Start: 10 am New York time)
(1.300,00 Euro)
All target groups (e.g. for physiotherapy, psychotherapy, neurology, coaching areas, executive trainings),
work possibilities for groups and one-to-one sessions, the tool concept of Neurotango® and the holistic effect of Tango Therapy.

Without previous knowledge of music or dance!
This course can also be attended in Germany with previous Corona PCR-Test and vaccination.
Become part of our Neurotango familiy with about 150 Practitioner and Master from 12 countries.

Still available:
Neurotango® Practitioner Preview Seminar
ONLINE SEMINAR (zoom seminar)
We are offering now additionally a one-day seminar
Saturday, 19th of November 2022 (10 am - 5 pm with breaks, middle European time - Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom Stockholm.)
Price: 150,00 Euro / 170,00 USD
Payment by PayPal

By now we have certified about 150 Neurotango® Practitioner in 12 countries.
For more information, please send us an e-mail or click here

All other German seminars can be found on our German website www.tango-therapie.com

What is Neurotango?

Neurotango® is a Tango Therapy concept based on the latest studies with respect to brain functionality (neuromotor processes), geriatric science, learning processes research, and kinesiology. It is a registered word mark in Europe.

The 15 „#NeurotangoTools”, taken from the Argentine Tango, combine with psychotherapeutic exercises and together form building blocks for a broadly applicable practice. These diverse methods and practices are applicable for physiotherapy, neurology, psychotherapy and/or various coaching and allows for a holistic approach in working with a variety of clients to achieve diverse goals.

Concept domains:
Disabled Sports (e.g. blind or deaf people)
Occupational Therapy

Coaching Areas:
Personal Development
Management Trainings
Assessment Trainings
Intercultural Inclusion
Social Training Courses

Observed improvements during the last 6 years by
applying the of the Neurotango® concept of
degenerative neurologic diseases like PD, MS
and incipient dementia:
- smoother gait pattern
- louder and clearer pronounciation
- fluent speech
- a good gait pattern without walking aids
- improved body balance
- better general health condition
- motivation boost
- less depressed moods
- enables better flexibility
- more self-confidence
- deminishing or partly elimination of
 tremor and rigor
- causes better postural stability
and let the spine straighten up
to 30% after clinical tests
- better sleep
- reduction of medication
- less aggressivity
- higher level of contact ability

The psychological approach of Tango Therapy:

“Movements can express emotions straight from my soul.
Words were not adequate to do this.” (Therapy participant)

- improvement of social competence on the level of self-
 and external cognition
- learning to express emotions and overcome negative feelings
- recognition of problems trough our body language and being
 authentic because the body cannot lie.
- finding solutions and changing inner attitude through outer
 postures or movements
- to channel emotions by using music and movements
- stress reduction and a feeling of relief
- body awareness
- therapeutical approach of addiction and pain problems
- learning to permit love and closeness
- gaining self-confidence and building up trust to others

Scientific findings and observations

All international studies of mindful meditation teachings as pdf.
Big points of Neurotango for Parkinson´s disease. Obervations of the last years as pdf.

Current Information

New collaboration partners

1) German Physiotherapists Association
We are proud to announce our collaboration with the national physiotherapist’s association and the national dance therapists association in Germany. We also proposed our concept to the German chamber of psychotherapists as advanced training for licensed psychologists and psychotherapists.

2) Approval and Accreditaton - German Chamber of Psychotherapists
The first certification seminar for Psychotherapists "Neurotango® Therapist" will takte place in January 2022.
This seminar is based on the official accreditation of the German Chamber of Psychotherapists.

The workbook "Welcome Neutotango Practitioner"
is now available. In German, French and English.
Price: 20,00 Euro + freight cost

The release of the Neurotango® book
Neurotango® - The Principles of Tango Therapy
The first books are sent to Poland, Argentina und Sweden, Hong Kong, Canada, Letvia
The book is also available as e-book in all international online book stores.

Price: 55,00 Euro or 65,00 US$
Request of purchase and delivery terms: info@tango-therapie.com

Transferred to 2021 due to the Corona situation
International conference: brain, body and cognition
Neurotango presentation in Paris held by Neurotango Main Concept Developer Simone Schlafhorst.

Fourth iteration of the conferences on this topic previously held at  Oxford University, Harvard Medical School, and Tel Aviv University.
The topic areas are: rehabilitation and therapeutics, sport, motor learning, brain-behavior  relationships, traumatic brain injury, gait and cognition, and dance.

European registration
Neurotango® is now Europe wide registered as intelectual property of Simone Schlafhorst. Certified by EUIPO.

- Next Neurotango® Practitioner seminars in 2020 to become a Tango Therapist  >>

- The concept book "Neurotango® - Principles of Tango Therapy" by Simone Schlafhorst >>

- Press release of the neurologic journal "Wirtschaftsmagazin Der Nervenarzt" 04/2018
"Wenn die Neurone Tango tanzen" (If the neurones are dancing Tango) (als pdf-Datei) - only in German available

- Opening of the first Tango Therapy Training Centre in Germany www.studio-herdecke.de

Neurotango® (a registrated word mark in Germany)
Funkengasse 6, 58313 Herdecke
CEO: Simone Schlafhorst
Just call or mail...
Simone Schlafhorst
+49 (0) 173 740 2000
Simone Schlafhorst, Deutsche Bank Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE03 3007 0024 0932 9848 00
BIC:  DEUTDEDBDUE, Reference: "free hug"
Tango Therapy Neurotango ®
German Association Neurotango Therapists

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