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The development of NTT is relatively new, and the holistic effects are comparable with other body therapies. But the addition and the effect of music and body dynamics for creating inner frequencies are an important plus. Despite the break during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the new therapy form  grew in 16 countries with certified practitioners and was recognized in most important German hospitals, organizations and universities. The evidence of the effect reported by thousands of participants was convincing to work with the Neurotango concept created by Simone Schlafhorst-Biermann.

National health organizations
Accreditation of the concept by the German Federal Psychotherapists Chamber (NRW)
Annual training seminar at the German Association of Physiotherapists in Berlin (ZVK)
Trainings at the German Alzheimer Socienty
Trainings at the German Parkinson's Association (dPV)

Renowned academic institutions
Charité Berlin
Ruhr-University Bochum
University Hospital Würzburg
Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf
Rochus clinics Baden-Württemberg
Diana clinic Bad Bevensen
Marienhospital Psychooncology Marl

Swiss Health Forecast (2023)
Nature and Healing (2022)
Arte "Parkinson's disease: science brings hope" (2022)
German Medical Journal No 41, P. A1823 (2018) - "The healing effect of Tango"
Current Neurology (2018) - Tango dancing against Parkinson's disease
Magazine for the neurologist 04, P. 25 (2018) - If neurons start to dance  - movement therapy for Parkinson's disease
Die BILD (2015) - They dance against the oblivion (Therapy form against Alzheimer's disease)

Feel free to ask us questions or share your experiences with Neurotango and the NTT. Your insights are invaluable to us.
We hope that we were able to explain all about NTT functions, their importance, and the requirements to become a certified NTT Practitioner. We're excited to help people begin a healthier and better life. Maybe we will get to know each other soon in a Neurotango seminar.

For any further questions, please don´t hesitate to schedule a Zoom appointment with us.
Simone Schlafhorst-Biermann

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