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Join Our Global Expansion: A Call for International Educational and Distribution Partners
Transform Lives with NEUROTANGO® - A Proven Path to Wellness
At NEUROTANGO®, we are at the forefront of combining the art of dance with the science of healing, offering a groundbreaking approach to therapy that brings joy and effectiveness to both therapists and patients alike. Our unique concept, deeply rooted in neuropsychological, psychological, and music therapy studies, has been embraced by some of the most prestigious hospitals in Germany and successfully implemented in over 18 countries worldwide.

A Foundation in Science and Success
Our methods are not just practices; they are principles laid out in the comprehensive works of "NEUROTANGO® - THE PRINCIPLES OF TANGO THERAPY" and "THE PERFECT THERAPY - ALL ABOUT TANGO THERAPY". These publications detail the neuropsychological, psychological, and music therapy studies that form the backbone of our therapy. For those keen on understanding the science behind our success, we invite you to explore the wealth of information available on our website:
An Invitation to Grow Together

As we continue to expand our reach and impact, we are seeking partners who share our passion for healing and innovation. Whether you are an institution looking to incorporate NEUROTANGO® into your therapeutic offerings or a distributor interested in bringing this transformative therapy to new markets, we offer a unique opportunity to be part of a movement that is changing lives around the globe.

Why Partner with NEUROTANGO®?  
  • Proven Impact: Join a network of over 200 certified NEUROTANGO® practitioners across 18 countries, supported by evidence of    success in some of Germany's top hospitals.
  • Scientifically Backed: Align with a program built on solid neuropsychological, psychological, and music therapy research.
  • Global Recognition: Be part of a brand that is internationally recognized and respected for its innovative approach to      health and wellness.

Let's Make a Difference Together
We are on a mission to spread the healing power of NEUROTANGO® far and wide, and we believe that together, we can make a significant impact. If you are as passionate about transforming lives as we are, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us at info(at) and let us speak about partnership opportunities and how you can join us in this exciting journey towards global wellness.
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