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Neurotango® application examples from the coaching field

        • Family sphere such as couple relationships or generational conflicts
        • Mobbing
        • Leadership training
        • Assesment of employees or departmental composition
        • Teambuilding
        • Personality development
        • Anti-violence and de-escalation
        • Body language
        • Appearance and self-confidence
        • Change in psychosocial behaviour

        Scientific studies on effect and impact can be found here.
        Get direct access to your change.

        Your individual key.
        Change via the body as a medium.
        "From the inside to the outside" and from "the outside to the inside".
        To set something or someone in motion, a new pattern of impulse, intention and focus is needed.

        This can be learned through your body and your own body language.

        What obstacles are present will also be noticeable through the body.
        THE GOAL
        Set in motion! Finally have an optimal influence on the

        intensity, speed and size of our changes.

        Become a NeuroINfluencer.
        The NeuroINfluencer Mechanism (NTT Exercises)

        Through NTT you will not only achieve all your goals, but exactly those goals that make you happy. Why? Goals, desires, status symbols that are brought to you from the outside only make you happy for a short time. But they do not provide inner satisfaction because they do not meet your inner needs.

        Would you like to find out which ones they are?

        Then ask her body. Your own body language is always authentic. Surely you already know techniques from kinesiology in which your body sends out a physical impulse in response to wrong or right.

        Think of NTT as a dialogue with your body through which you learn exactly what suits you. Which profession, which rhythm, which marital status, which topics and which area.

        External influences accompany us from childhood. The ideas of our parents, our teachers and later our partners and friends, or in the professional environment, those of superiors and colleagues.

        1. the analytical part
        Finding out what you want and need is the first part. This part is also used by companies that want to build a functioning team or select the right leader. Through body language, you quickly find out whether the participants really act in a team-oriented, cooperative and supportive way as soon as a problem arises. The exercise or its implementation is the problem. The approach with a "partner" then shows exactly the patterns of action and strategies that have been internalised. These provide an absolutely reliable testimony to strategic skills, character traits and human competence.
        2. the part that brings change
        The second part is the implementation. This part is for seminars where change is to be created and improved patterns of intention and action are needed. The focus here is on leading and following. Above all, a leader's physical experience of following usually brings about an immediate change in behaviour. With exactly the speed and intensity that is needed. Formulate and transfer your intention.

        That is what makes a good leader. Here, a leader is also a synonym for a person who masters his or her own life, relationship, etc. in an authentic and self-determined way. But there is an important enhancement here. This is what distinguishes a good leader from an outstanding leader.
        The improvised reaction to the needs of the environment makes the difference. The world and the situation are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to be able to change one's strategy and the energetic impulse or frequency. Also, not every employee is the same. Different people need different leadership. The ability to recognise this and to develop new strategies and fill them out authentically is the goal of this seminar.
        Please enquire about the seminars or coaching sessions via our contact form, specifying the group size and duration.

        Individual coaching can also be accompanied over a longer period of time.
        Scope of the coaching
        Both individual and group coaching sessions can be booked. The minimum is one day seminar. 2 weekends to follow up on changes and results are ideal. All coaching seminars can only be booked in presence. In-house at the client's premises.
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