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Masters play a vital role in the training and further education of medical practitioners, therapists, trainers and coaches. In contrast, the target groups of Neurotango® Practitioners are people with illnesses, private or professional problems or a wide variety of limitations. All masters are certified Neurotango® Practitioners. To simplify the Neurotango® Master certificate we have developed the subject area Master. This includes only a part of the 15 NTT (Neuro Technical Tools) and, depending on the subject area, the NeuroTools for neurological recognition or the NPT (Psychotools). The seminar concept of the departmental masters includes a one-day seminar. The future Neurotango® Master presents excerpts from this seminar as an examination and defends or justifies the contents of the seminar structure and its function.
Another way to receive the Neurotango® Practitioner training and the NTT Master certificate free of charge is through our scholarship program. You can find out more here. We look forward to receiving your application.

The NTT Master is, of course, also a Practitioner. In contrast to the Neurotango® Divisionmaster, he or she is authorised and qualified to teach the entire concept with all tools including NeuroTools and PsychoTools. He or she is able to independently present the concept for 2 weekends as it is described in the current Practitioner Workbook. To receive his or her NTT Master certificate, he or she independently organises a Neuroango® Practitioner training under the supervision and with the support of a Neurotango® appointed coach. Special criteria for passing are, apart from the entire completeness of the content of the Neurotango® Practitioner training, implementation of the exercises in the beat and scientifically correct and well-founded presentation of the mode of action.
We are currently seeking individuals worldwide who love working with people and have the ability to pass on the valuable techniques of NTT to medical professionals, therapists, and coaches. If you can imagine yourself intensively engaged in this work, we can offer you a 2-year scholarship, including the training to become a Neurotango Practitioner and Full Master NTT.

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Click the link below to access a PDF file containing comprehensive details about the Neurotango® Master Training, including information about the NTT Master and the Neurotango® Departmental Master. For further inquiries, we are also delighted to provide information through a personal conversation.
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