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Finally, in English!
For over a decade, we have witnessed an alleviation of Morbus Parkinson's symptoms in Germany through our unique tool-based tango therapy training.
Our training video show step-by-step explained exercises. Easy explanations and demonstrations of individual, couple, and group exercises.
3 preliminary exercises are needed for all neurological target groups as "brain" warm-ups. For faster reactions, better coordination, and more cognitive flexibility. The neurocognitive pre-exercises are all in a seated position.
The 2 main tango tools contain individual exercises. They can be trained without a partner or group. But a variety of partner and group exercises for both tools are also available.
You can find the music for the training as a Spotify playlist on our Therapy Music website. Or simply join the exercises with music in our video.
This video is also recommended for trainers and therapists integrating a tool-based tango therapy concept.
Training time: 35 minutes
Available: direct download mp4-file
Refunds are only applicable within a maximum period of 60 days from the date of purchase.

*The exercises and the concept is not able to heal degenerative brain diseases.

10 Euro discount for Morbus Parkinson affected patients: BOOK2023
Tango Therapy Training video for Parkinson's disease
It's finally here! The training video for people affected by Parkinson's.
35 minutes training video including  3 neuro-motor pre-exercises with many variations for body and brain warm-up. They can be exercised seated or in a standing position. The 2 NeuroTangoTools (NTT) are moving exercises. These tools can also be performed in a sitting position if the exercises of the "straight lines" and the "2-axis system" are slightly modified. For example, you do the weight shift of the body on the sitting bones while sitting or the "straight lines tool," drawing them on the floor with your feet. In any case, it is a new experience and training for the brain. This is where the disease originates.
Most important for all participants is the fun factor of these fantastic movements. Enjoy the NeuroTangoTools (NTT) with music.
You will surely notice the immediate effect of Neurotango as described by hundreds of affected Parkinson's patients in 15 countries. They are trained by Neurotango Practitioners from different therapeutic areas.
Observed improvements in people with Parkinson's disease:
  • Fluid gait
  • Faster reactions and movements
  • Faster cognitive reaction for better conversations
  • Improved speaking ability
  • More self-confidence
  • Use of public or private transport
  • Realisation of an independent life
  • More life energy and interests
  • More body balance and psychological balance
  • Improved mood in everyday life, fun and good humor
In our YouTube channel "Neurotango Simone Schlafhorst," you will find many examples of people suffering from Parkinson's disease who report how they have experienced many improvements in their symptoms and general quality of life through Neurotango.
Neurotango exercises can be trained as single exercises or with a dance partner. No previous knowledge of music or dance is required!
Purchase price: 35,00 Euro
You can find the softcover books and ebooks on this website.
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